Meet KOBE WILLIAMS, the guy who makes elaborate, irreverent works of chalk art that you dont see everyday

Kobe Williams After completing a chalk art of Thomas Sankara
The chalk artist goes by the name Kobe Williams on social media, where you can see his latest creations that are taken over the art culture in Cameroon. This 26 years old is based in Douala but from the Bakossi Tribe in the South West Region. His main profession is teaching but couldn’t let his passion and talent for arts waste away.
He is known for his very creative chalkboard art where he uses chalk and designs artistic drawings on a blackboard. The Chalk Artistry is a very rare and uncommon art that incorporates graphic design elements and making sure shapes and sizes come out well. This has called the attention of many art lovers and he has gone as far as been invited to national TV stations and cultural forums. His artistic works have gone viral on social media and went as far as he been invited to draw the Judges of “The VOICE SOUTH AFRICA“. Who knows where he might go from there, Cameroon is so green and blessed with such talents.
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You Can Contact Kobe Williams via Tel: +237 673323385  For your personal artistic drawings
Check out his work of arts below


Chalk Art of Donald Trump
Chalk Art of Former Cameroonian Presidents Ahidjo And Paul Biya
Powerful Pencil Art of Soccer Icon Samuel Eto’o Fils
Chalk Art of Stanley Enow


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