[Shocking] popular Buea Prophet Apostle Lefor Divine And Wife RAPE Church Member.


Famous Buea Prophet Apostle Lefor Divine and Wife Lefor Ruth of Wisdom Center International Muea, Buea rapes a young girl who happens to be a member of his ministry wisdom center international which has existed for about 5_6years now. Before becoming a prophet Lefor Divine use to be an artist to worldly music with stage name Sticky and still an artist with stage name Daddy D.

The victim says ” On this faithful day, I went to visit my Dady in the lord(Lefor Divine) and wife(Lefor Ruth) as I normally do. To assist them or a normal visit as they are my spiritual parent. I got into the house, saw mummy and dady watching Tv in the living room, greeted them as I later grabbed a sit at one angle of the house when mummy asked me to go get food from the pot. I did. While enjoying my meal, I heard mummy and dady laughing so loud. I was curious and asked mummy what they are watching that is making them laugh. They invited me to come sit in their middle and see for myself. I was anxious as I walked to sit in their midst to watch….To my greatest surprise, I saw what my eyes couldn’t accept, I was so shocked and disappointed to see people I look up to as spiritual leaders watching porn. It was so embarrassing and unbelievable I then got up and went back to continue my meal. When I finished eating, mummy asked me to get juice from the table and drink… I didn’t know what was in it . I later realised myself sleeping in between mummy and dady on the bed all half dressed and noticed I have been ventured. I asked them what’s happening, and mummy said they were trying something new. I felt like tearing these two out of anger, I felt nerved, disgusting and dispare…I felt my heart burning, in tears I got dressed to go and mummy warned and threatened me that if I ever dare to voice out what just happened to anyone, I will get it from them. You know what, I was mentality, physically ,emotionally and spiritually depressed. I want to voice it out but I was scared….I didn’t know how long to keep it in me…I just felt like dying. More reasons I couldn’t tell anyon, I was ashame , I thought of what they will say, they won’t believe me but again there were other girls with in the church who have been sexually abused by apostle Lefor Divine but we didn’t believe them when they said it cause he has a personality he has built making a lot of us admire and want to copy little did we “I” know my mentor was a devil himself. I thought of going to the police but I was like who I’m I? This man is from a wealthy background, they can buy off my complain and even may be pay the police to kill me. I later confided in some few church members who later confronted him and he promised to change but as the day goes, he becomes worse. My heart was heavy… I then ran to another town. My dear its not been easy with me but the Almighty God I serve has been my strength as I am slowly gaining strength to be strong and move on. The memory and thought of it , is not something that is just going to wipe in a day. My God will help me get through it slowly. I pray others don’t fall into all his pretentious preachings and pure image he keeps showing off to the world…..that man and his wife are evil”

After hearing from the victim, I tried to inquire from other strong church members who worship in the said ministry of this man of God, behold they all confirmed it as they said there are many other cases just that the ladies are scared to come out because of their own reputation which I clearly understand and most of them have apparently stopped worshipping in the church including the brother of the wife who was also a then member of the church. This is not just any kind of case. It is a rape case!! Apostle Lefor Divine and Wife need to be locked up and the so called church banned!!!

All the same we are expecting the man of God or his communication team to make a statement about this.


  1. You bloggers need to be applauded. What a well arranged story. Husband and wife rapes a girl. Hahahha does that make sense even to ur ears. Not even a normal woman who is not a Pastor will even allow her husband look at another girl twice. Please bring up some thing more important for us to read not this kind of cheap blackmail looking for pple to read ur stories for u to make money. If it’s True why hiding the girls names let her come out body and speak for herself. If truely she is looking for Justice. So please bring up another story. Only those who don’t know left from right will believe this rubbish.

  2. Hmmmm, my sister church this days is not like before. When you go to church don’t allow ur so called man of God to make u see wrong as right . And wen u notice stuffs Dat u Kno are wrong kindly leave for ur own safety . Ladies ,do not be afraid to speak up against men of God who think they can rubbish u. All the same always make sure what you say is true coz God is watching.

  3. You people should stop this demonic accusations about Apostle Lefor and wife before God’s anger descend on all you sinners. Touch not God’s anointed and do his prophet no harm.. Pls read math3:2 and repent

  4. Chai people can say things oo.can this story be true?a young man in his late 20 and happily married to a jealous wife,how can this happen? Am confuse hihihi.abeg una think another story for postam,because what u just did now is to encourage evil and make people to see reasons why they don’t have to change. I know APOSTLE LEFOR DEVINE very well .this cannot be true una even fear God and even una conscience .Jesus I pray we overcome this kind chronic persecution.


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