Cameroonian Singer Ambe La Star Finally Speaks out about the Accusation of Scam

Ambe La Star
Ambe La Star

For weeks now Cameroonian singer Ambe has been in the radar of some media personalities, fans and Djz. This is due to the fact that Dj Aweh Mark who is also an event organizer in Yaounde accused him of collecting money for his event and not showing up. With this accusation, the entire industry has been after him demanding justice and holding him accountable.

Aweh Mark
Aweh Mark

The artiste in retaliation gets the Dj locked up for defamation of character which leads to an outrage and burst as some media persons, artists and fans call for his immediate release by the artist. Ambe who has been silent finally comes out clean in a face book post yesterday on his page and he wrote;

After investigations, it has been revealed that a certain Atigi Louis Mbah aka Young K Promote, who worked as part of Ambe’s team, several years ago, fraudulently collected 98,000frs from Aweh Mark, deceiving him that Ambe will perform at his event, unbeknownst to Ambe. Aweh Mark complained to another member of Ambe’s team, who took the necessary legal action: Young K Promotes got apprehended, and in the presence of Aweh Mark, he signed an agreement to pay back the 98,000frs that he fraudulently collected from him, after deceiving him that Ambe will show up at his event. This agreement was signed at the Gendermarie Legion in Bonanjo office in Douala, in 2018, in the presence of Aweh Mark and Young K Promotes. For Aweh Mark to take to Facebook, and make a post, insinuating that Ambe collected 98,000frs from him, after being aware that he was scammed by Young K Promotes, unbeknownst to Ambe, is a pure case of dishonesty and defamation of Ambe’s character. Since yesterday, after his arrest, he has been pleading for forgiveness and apologizing. As much as we indulge his apology and forgive him, we will also let justice take its course. Signed,
Pistris Company Limited.

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