Willy Zogo: The Cameroonian Actor Making His Way Into Hollywood

Willy Zogo

Willy Zogo is a Cameroonian Actor who has been based in Thailand for more than a decade now. A native from Lekie in the Central Region, Willy traveled to Thailand in 2007 with dreams of becoming a professional basketball player but never knew his calling was in movie making. Willy is also doing his MBA alongside making action movies.

While accompanying his friend for a movie audition, his fearless look and build attracted the organizers who convinced him to audition for a role and took his number. That’s when he discovered that he was meant to do movies and started a successful career playing villains in movie roles. He has worked along A-List Hollywood actors such as Sharon Stone, Eric Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Daniel Auteuil, Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Alba, Jason Statham and many others. Perhaps his most notable role is playing a villain in the Jason Statham Action flick “The Mechanic“.  This Cameroonian is slowly infiltrating Hollywood Action Movies, we are going to expect something huge soon.

On Set With Jason Statham
On Set of one of his Asian Action Movie



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