Cameroon gov’t suspends salaries of workers fleeing violence in Anglophone region


The Governor made the announcement in Bamenda on Thursday, July 30 as he chaired the first regional Coordination and security meeting.

He said the salaries of the workers were suspended after a regional disciplinary board meeting which found them guilty of abandoning their duty posts.

The salaries would only be reinstated when they return following the due government procedures, Mr. Lele added.

According to UN statistics, about 600.000 persons have been internally displaced as a result of a long drawn conflict in the restive Anglophone regions that started with a strike by teachers and lawyers at the end of 2016.

Last week, scenes of violence were recorded in the region a civilian killed during a shoot out between the army and separatist fighters on Thursday.  The next day, three armed separatist fighters were killed by soldiers during a clash in Santa, a locality at the gateway to the region.

A blast also occurred around a motor park in Bamenda, though no human casualty was recorded.

Despite these,  the Governor gave assurances that Cameroon defense and security forces have put the situation “under control” and called on all public servants to return to their duty posts.“We know some of (the civil servants) are facing challenges and even the common man is facing challenges but the security forces are doing all to restore peace. We ask all those facing difficulties to report them to the appropriate quarters rather than running away,” Adolphe Lele said.

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