Biggy 237: More Drama As Akonteh Fires Back At Brudy

Cyril Akonteh and Yvette Brudy
Cyril Akonteh and Yvette Brudy

Biggy 237 Pr, Yvette Brudy recently took to Facebook to call out the Managing Director of the show, Cyril Akonteh for mismanagement, siphoning of sponsorship money, rigging among several other things.

Yvette Brudy,
Yvette Brudy, Biigy 237 Pr

Well, Cyril Akonteh has finally reacted to the allegations. In an immediate release from the Office of the Managing Director, Cyril Akonteh described the allegations as unfounded and baseless. According to Akonteh, Biggy 237 went operational with just a budget of 87 million FCFA and sponsors were not forthcoming. Since it was the first edition of the show, Akonteh says he and his team did all they could to ensure the project moved as planned.

Cyril Akonteh
Cyril Akonteh, Biggy 237 MD

Here is the Complete Release from the Managing Director:

Unfounded and Baseless Allegations concerning Biggy 237
It has come to the notice of the Managing Director of the just ended Biggy237 that a certain lady has taken to social media to launch a series of allegations against the Director and his office.
In light of these unfounded allegations, the Managing Director of Biggy237 would like to draw the attention of the public to these realities.
Since it was the first-ever Biggy237 show organized in the country, the challenges were many, reason why numerous expectations were not met. With a previewed budget of 87 million francs CFA, Biggy237 had to heavily rely on sponsors who were not forthcoming as expected.
However, amidst the difficult terrain, the MD and his team did all they could to ensure the project moved as planned. It might not have been the best, but the team under the legendary and stable leadership of Mr Cyril Akonteh did the best they could with the available resources at their disposal.
An effective, modern and secure voting system was put in place and all measures taken to ensure votes cast were secured. The voting system (through SMS) was announced on national media and was religiously respected with all data secured.
It is quite regrettable that some disgruntled team members have embarked on smear campaign to discredit the MD for reasons best known to them.
The MD and his team had managed the show with utmost professionalism and accountability and all their activities will be audited by an independent auditing firm in due course.
The MD is currently weighing legal options to this outrageous smear campaign against his person and baseless allegations seeking to injure his hard earned reputation to build the entertainment industry of this great nation.
Akonteh Cyril is one of the founding fathers of the modern Cameroon entertainment industry and his works and strides have gone a long way to make our industry better. While he remains committed to the fight to take our industry to the expected end, we crave your indulgence to be vigilant and beware of detractors
The MD uses this opportunity to thank the Cameroon public for embracing the Biggy237 concept. His extends his gratitude to sponsors staff, technical team and volunteers of Biggy237, and finally big thumbs-up to all the shareholders.
The MD assures the public that he welcomes all criticisms in good faith and his team shall do better in subsequent editions.
The MD will be granting a full press conference in the days ahead to disclose more details.
Thank you – Akonteh Cyril

So what next? Cyril Akonteh says he is currently weighing legal options to what he has described as an “outrageous smear campaign against his person and baseless allegations seeking to injure his hard earned reputation.”  Yvette Brudy has however maintained that she has proof of all she has accused the MD of and if need be, she will put out this proof. Well, she is already doing that as she recently released an audio of a recorded call between her and ex-housemate, Prity Boy in which the ex-housemate confirms giving the MD 150,000 FCFA to buy his way into the house.


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