Samuel Eto’o Lambasts Ballon D’or Over Right-Wing Dream Team Nomination

Samuel Eto'o lambast Ballon d'Or
Samuel Eto'o lambast Ballon d'Or

Samuel Eto’o has taken to Twitter to call out France Football, the organizers of the Ballon d’Or awards for shortlisting him as a right-winger in the Ballon d’Or dream team.

Eto’o was included in France Football’s shortlist for the Ballon d’Or Dream Team, an all-time best 11, which should be a huge compliment for any player.

However, the legendary footballer found the nomination disrespectful because he played as a center-forward in his over 2-decade-career.

Samuel Eto'o
Samuel Eto’o

Eto’o wrote: Merci, Mais j’ai joué 1,2 saisons sur la droite (pourtant j’ai 25ans de carrière comme avant centre) Le manque de Respect. @francefootball N’IMPORTE QUOI!”

“Thank you,
But I played 1.2 seasons on the right (yet I have 25 years of career as a center forward)
The lack of respect.

Samuel Eto'o lambast Ballon d'Or
Samuel Eto’o lambast Ballon d’Or

The 39-year-old striker during his football days, excelled as an ace striker while in Barcelona, Inter Milan, Mallorca, Sampdoria and Qatar SC. Back in Cameroon, he emerged as all-time leading scorer with 56 goals in 118 caps. To Eto’o, this should have earned him a center-forward nomination and not right-winger.



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