10 Hottest Cameroonian Songs Of The Month, August 2020

Mink's x Fhish x Kameni x Rinyu
Mink's x Fhish x Kameni x Rinyu

With the month of August coming to an end, we have made a playlist of the top 5 best songs that made waves in the Cameroon music industry this month. From party jams to those about loving multiple women at once to songs that make you happy, These are the top songs of August

5)Lydol-Jamais Assez

Lydol’s new jam titled “Jamais Assez” is a Mesmerising track in which she talks with her love interest in the deep issues in their relationships and how her deeds are never enough for him. The video and audio quality are great and the song as a whole was well received by her fans.


4)Rinyu Ft Ko-c -Feeling You

This new collaboration is the 4th single by Rinyu this year and had a lot of anticipation before its release. The love song talks about the bizarre love story between a couple as both artists play their parts in this jam perfectly. Cameo Appearances by Stanley Enow can be seen in this one.


3) Kameni -Ghetto :

The first single of her Love and Hustle Ep came with outstanding visuals as Dr. Nkeng Stephens blessed Kameni with an army themed video of Her song Ghetto which talks about her roots and her appreciation for those who held high. Evidently, a song to add on your playlist.


2)Mink’s Ft Kameni- Sisiah:

Ach4life Rapper Mink’s returned with a new jam in which he decided to collaborate with Kameni on titled “Sissiah” which talks about an already broken relationship between Both artists which was made of many lies. The song is a mid-tempo tune that has already been having a lot of media airplay on it.


1) Fhish Ft Longue Longue-Njoh:

Head of Gophmen Fhish finally dropped his highly awaited tune featuring Cameroon Music Veteran Longue Longue.This song has been the most listened and anticipated song in his “I’m Cameroon “ Ep and fans had really waited for the video and it finally came in August. The wait was worth it from the positive reception it is having already as it’s the most talked abt Cameroonian song on the internet as of now and one you will hear a lot in the coming months.


So there are the top 5 hottest releases of the month of August. See you all in September for another edition of this write-up.

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