Your car can not be stolen again with “SMS Car Tracking App”


During the Anglophone Crisis in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon Zuo Bruno developed Zoomed SMS Car Tracking . Even though his Initial plan was to build an app which uses internet to help car owners and automobile industry so after the internet was shutdown in the NW and SW of Cameroon he then had to start rethinking his plans and successful come up with the zoomed sms car tracking app which uses no internet. This app helps to track the location of cars. For this app to work, an MT3336 GPS chip which has been programmed with sensitivity of 159dBM has to be installed in a car. It allows GPS signals to be received even in the most remote areas on earth. To track the location of the car, you simply call your car and it will drop the call after two rings and reply with an SMS showing the current location, speed and car direction.

The app comes with other features such as:

_voice survellience and two way calling functionality.

_Geo fencing technology with SMS

_Over speed recognition and alarm

_Ignition alert

_SOS alarm


_Power failure Alert.

To get more information about the zoomed “SMS car tracking app, you visit :




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