Watch Charlotte Dipanda Singing Locko’s “Je Serais La” In An Amazing Way



It is now very common for Cameroonian artists to come up with the concept of “Contest” of their release hit singles and Vocalist locko isn’t left out. The Big Dreams Singer came up with “LockoJeserailacontest” after his latest single “Je Serais La”.

The challenge is simple; it’s just recording yourself singing the song and post on social media using the hash tag “lockojeserailacontest” and tagging locko to it.
Since then, the #lockojeserailacontest has had several fans participating.

To encourage her singing mate, Acoustic musician Charlotte Dipanda did an amazing cover of the contest. The Cameroonian singer gives us chills a few minutes of the song tinged with softness.

This is definitely an Accapella worth watching/hearing.

Watch below


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