The Fisherman’s Diary Wins Big At “I Will Tell International Film Festival”


Cameroon’s most trending movie at the moment “The Fisher Man’s Diary has once again been hailed on an International platform. The movie got recognized at the I Will Tell International Film Festival that held in London on Wednesday night.

The Fisherman’s diary which tells the story of a young girl battling to get an education in a society where girl’s education is forbidden won Best Feature Film at the festival.

Faith Fidel also clinched The Best Actress Award at the festival for her lead role as Ekah in the movie. She could not hold back herself went she heard her name as she jumped and screamed for joy.

Another person who was filled with inexplicable joy is the Producer of the movie, Kang Quintus. He had these words to say during his acceptance speech: “Being a little boy who grew up in the village, went to school barefooted and coming from a family where we could not afford a three-square meal a day to being on a stage like this and winning best film.  It’s the greatest feeling I could ever imagine. I feel this is a dream for Cameroon because this film is representing Cameroon. I just want to say big congratulations to the entire cast and crew. This is for Cameroon! Cameroon is coming up very strongly and you should watch out for movies from here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

The Will Tell International Film Festival is a tribute to filmmakers who bring up powerful, authentic stories that have been hidden, forgotten or relegated to the sidelines. I Will Tell festivals in the UK, US and the Caribbean premiere high-quality dramas, documentaries, short films and animation.



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