On the 17th of May 2019, fast rising underground rapper Ik Gix released a lyrically and technically impressive track titled “COMPETITION”. What at first seemed to be a young rapper displaying his musical hunger has turned out to be one of the most controversial tracks of this month in the 237 music industry and here’s why:


“Copy paste and smile cuz they say u got taste,
And wordplay simply cuz u speaking your dialect
But in the content, we find no clue of any intellect
So why I should I develop interest
When even put to test
I’ll burn u in a nest while waiting for the next I’ll show that I’m the best to…”

From the get go, the rapper starts up hard in the first verse and this is visible with the above extract. Here he speaks about the rappers in the industry from a general perspective saying most of them get acclaimed not because they’re really good but mostly because they speak in their dialect. He goes further to say that in the content there isn’t really any intellect and as such he doesn’t think he can envy such people knowing he could defeat them in a battle. Ik Gix clearly exhibits his competitive side through this verse. It’s at this level that things begin to get salty and spiced up

“What drives me most is what ma industry got less,
Competition no repetition of facts on loose
You can’t prove me wrong mumbling single songs
Talking king and kongs
And worse ding and dongs”

This is where it actually becomes very interesting. Ik Gix deplores the lack of competition in the industry. He goes further to claim that he can’t be proven wrong with peolme saying “king and kongs” and “ding and dongs”. This clearly makes reference to the guy who refers to himself as “king kong” (Stanley Enow). This is furthermore depicted with the following extract:

“How can u get beat on every mix
In which u invite artist to feature in?
I’m not surprised tho
AKA and Sarkodie schooled you bro
I know u felt it bro, u started doing Afro
Started singing and got schooled once again not the same
But this time it was by none other than Davido…”

Without the shadow of a doubt here Ik Gix is clearly talking about Stanley Enow and questions the fact that he got outclassed on his own Album “Soldier Like My Papa” by both AKA and most famously Sarkodie on “Tumbuboss”. According to him Stanley drifted from Hip-hop to Afro songs because his flaws were exposed by featuring with AKA and Sarkodie.

“To step on stage claim your the face that runs the place
But it’s a damn shame that you do more tweets than hits”

This one is a little bit blur as he says that the face that runs the place does more tweets than hits. Considering almost all artists are socially active we can’t really determine who he was referring to but it may very well be Jovi due to his infamous Twitter rants.

“Now let’s talk a lil bit about Franko’s hit
That lit 2015’s teens to shake hips to,
They say the track had to be banned cuz it was explicit
But apparently exquisite to be copied too
U had about a hundred artist doing the same brand,flowing the same way
Hoping to make it a big a hit
Tell me where they are now?
Working?Hell No
Lasy as F…prolly waiting for the next trend they’ll copy
And shamefully keep foolery with a dose of buffoonery n…”

In the third verse he interestingly mentions Franko who as we know in 2015 released “Coller La Petite”. A controversial track which was banned at a certain point in time. Ik Gix points out here that most artists copied Franko’s style and flow and he questions where most of them are now?. He criticises the fact that they copied him and says that they are always waiting for the next instead of creating their own stuff.

He ended his track with the following lines:

“Yeah And I work for my legacy
While some are lost I’ll be found in the history
And no matter the storyline Ik Gix’s spirit will live in eternity
And no matter the storyline Ik Gix’s spirit will live in eternity”

Those who get to listen to this rapper know he is generally outspoken about the state of Hip-hop in Cameroon and is very critical of whack rappers. The way he blends his thoughts with a strong lyrical and technical display makes his latest release “COMPETITION” a must see. You can check it out through the link below. Some say he went too far by disrespecting “Legends” while others say and believe he actually said the truth and stated real facts. The final take on this one is relative so don’t forget to let us know what you think of all this in the comment section.

Ik Gix – Competition



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