Singer Daphne Was Alledgely Deported From USA & Banned For 10 Years


A-List Cameroonian Afromusic singer, Daphne Njie Gundem who is popularly known as Daphne, was recently deported from the United States, and might not be entering the country anytime soon.

The beautiful and talented singer was the victim of a misinformation about the rules of entry and exit of the USA when one holds a visa type B-1 which they call Business Visa.

According to viral online reports, for her last visit to the US, she signed a contract with a cultural promoter in the USA. It was the contract that allowed Daphne to apply for her B-1 visa, which included the reasons for her travel, the amount of her stamp and the taxes that will be returned to the US tax office. The contract that she respected by the various shows organized during her stay in the US … Daphne is later contacted by another cultural promoter who wants it in turn for shows. The contract is signed with her and the dates set. But instead of applying for another B-1 visa, US-based and her new promoter sought to kill two birds with one stone. Daphne uses her previous visa again to go to the USA.
Arrived at Dulles Airport Washington, the officer made him understand that his visa, although still valid, is restricted to the sole use for the contract specified at the time of obtaining it. Different from a B-2 (tourism) visa that allows you as many entries as outputs during its validity.

This is how the authorities refused her entry into the territory and even worse, she received a 10 years ban! She can not get a US visa for 10 years anymore !!

We Can’t confirm this information but we do hope Our Very own Stargirl Gets her ban lifted

SOURCES: Cameroun Web, Culture Ebene



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