[Anglophone Crises]: Watch Secessionists Group ADF Use “WitchCraft” to Fight the Cameroonian Army on this Exclusive Tv5 Interview


The spiritual dimension is now a significant aspect in the clashes between English-speaking separatists and the army in the northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon.

A TV5 Monde TV interview conducted at a military training camp at the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) shows that witchcraft practices occupy a prominent place in the fighting techniques of the separatist armed group.

In the video published a few days ago, the ADF fighters presented a potion that every member must drink before clashes with the Cameroonian army. This potion would have magical powers that would prevent bullets from reaching their bodies according to one of the fighters.

“It helps us for protection, it lasts 24 hours. When you drink it, they shoot and bullets do not fit into your body, “he told TV5 Monde’s reporter.

In addition to this drink, the ADF fighters revealed that they would adorn themselves with amulets and make regular offerings to “protect their camp before each battle”.

More than nine (9) months after their start, clashes between military and secessionists have intensified in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. According to human rights organizations, more than 120 civilians have been killed by the army.

Amnesty International accuses the Cameroonian army and the rebels of Ambazonia of human rights violations. The Freelance journalist Emmanuel Freudenthal was able to get to the heart of this war, meeting the independence fighters.

As the crises intensify we pray and hope both the government and the secessionist come into a final dialogue and stop the bloodshed. Sincere Dialogue should be of the utmost importance.
#NotoKillings #YestoDialogues

SOURCES: TV5 Afrique, Cameroun Web,


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