Should Celebrities Reply To Criticism?


Yes, Celebrities should reply to Negative comments. To get this straight, if you’re a well-known personality, you are not going to be able to please everyone at all times.Those who try to please everyone end up not pleasing no one.Its important to respond to negative comments but respond constructively,make sure your not abusive even if the comment is/are.

It’s no surprise social media isn’t always a land of kind spirits and loving comments.Sometimes, things get ugly and really nasty as haters will hate,insults will pop up and

will depends on how you going to handle all these maturely.You can respond to misunderstandings on private message, don’t always do direct attack to posters/bloggers/fans in public because, you wany to proof yourself and end up loosing respect then look stupid .

Always keep the high ground, be humble ,sit back and think before vomiting anything that comes out of your mouth. Being aggressive to negative comments makes you look childish and petty.

At times, its no big deal to block somone so you don’t get to see their post or receive their messages but its just more fun to stock the fire.Some celebrities think deleting comments can make the person(those posting or commenting) go away but they are wrong.Never ever delete a comment because the.moment you delete a comment,it may incentivize fans,haters,bloggers to post more and more.Negative social media comments isn’t something you can erase.if you are too sensitive,its advisable to reply on private, instead of replying to a negative comment with another negative and aggressive comment and end up being disgraced,mocked and insulted.

Some celebrities have to understand that criticism is not all about hate as they consider it to be,be glad with those who tell you what you don’t want to hear ,be happy people can tell you the mean things close friends can’t tell you. Don’t always attack people simply because they criticise your attitude, your looks, your taste of fashion and your level of wackness. use these criticisms to work and improve on yourself Nevertheless,leaving criticism without a reply merely serves them to reinforce their statement.

I have compiled names of celebrities who respond aggressively to negative comments, there by making themselves look childish and petty.




Stephanie Tum

Itambi Delphine

Vicky Fokala

Blanche Bailly



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