Beneficial General Marks Automobile Insurance Campaign with Music Veterans


Like good ol’ music, good car insurance never gets old! Mindful of this, Beneficial General has launched a car Insurance billboard campaign featuring four of the finest male veteran music artists in Cameroon; Toto Guillaume, Dina Belle, and  Epee et Koum.  This very creative campaign is historic to the company because the artists and their music mark an era when the company was born 40 years ago.

True to its goal to deliver the best insurance policies in Cameroon, Beneficial General Insurance has proven through time and innovation to be a leading car insurance company in the country. This remarkable 6 month-long project highlights the fine relation between safety on wheels and great music. The company celebrates all their clients, old and young through this memory lane inspired campaign as well as highlighting the importance of a reliable car Insurance policy.

The choice to buy a car insurance policy depends on many factors like quick claims procedure, total coverage, easy access etc. Most people want an insurer who offers full coverage with benefits and is quick in addressing issues that may arise. Beneficial General has been offering just that to its clients over the years and a campaign like this proves that the company is here to stay; Innovating and developing new ways to reach out to their clients as well as develop a new clientele. The billboard’s strategic location along the airport highway is spot on! What better way to say goodbye and welcome to those leaving or entering the country than taking them on a memory lane infused with the essentials of a good car insurance policy.

The Power Team

Toto Guillaume: It is impossible to speak of Makossa without mentioning his name because he is a key figure in the development of this musical genre either as a guitarist, composer or a producer. His name is closely linked to four decades of Makossa history. Some of his tracks include Mba na na é and Ngon’a Ndongo. Some famous names in Makossa like Dina Bell, Joe Mboule, Jacky Ndoumbe, Douleur amongst others owe their success, Toto Guillaume.

Dina Bell: Famous for his music and his hat, Dina Bell is a legend with 9 albums and many other works to his credit. Mongele m’am, ba dihani, and notably nalandi, thrilled music-lovers notably in the 70s, and his ingenuity with the piano cannot be overemphasized.

Epee et Koum: The twin brothers got Cameroonians and makossa lovers around the world on their feet in the 90s and mid-2000s with songs like Mum’a Bobe, Matanga Mam, Pourquoi me Tromper and A Mulema. Their identical dressing style, finesse and originality beckons a feeling of calm, delight and brotherhood.


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