[Download]:Rappnem Drummer feat Blaise B – -SOÛLER


Born on the 20th of May 1995 and hails from Boyo subdivision in the North West region of Cameroon is a singer/songwriter, artist and producer who goes by his stage name “Rappnem Drummer” (Mr. Producer) KUKWA KINGSLEY CHIKA . Drummer is a Douala based artist and a great lover of music. He began his journey into the music arena in 2014 with his love for playing musical instruments especially drums which later got him inspired to become a producer. He finally created the label, G Nation Records (God’s Nation Records) in 2018 where his professional music career began. He is more of a dance hall artist but very dynamic in the art of music as he can rap as well. He has released several Mashup songs from popular Cameroonian and top African songs. He has also produced songs for many aspiring artists like Vernyuy Tina, One Rocky and many other national artists. His latest production was the song “Jéí” by Vernyuy Tina. Let’s wait and see what this year holds ahead for him.


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