Paul Biya rewards the fisherman who found the body of Bishop Bala (Check How Much)



Ali Aoudi Dienta will probably never forget the Friday of June 2, 2017, when he found the lifeless body of the Bishop of Bafia Bishop Jean-Marie Bénoit Bala. The man who is a Malian citizen has just received a reward for this discovery which he has described as “fortuitous”.

According to Cameroun web, the sum of 2.000.000 F CFA was handed to Ali Aoudi Dienta by the governor of Centre Region. A reward that quickly stirs up social media where the act of the governor is considered by Internet users as a political recovery.

The 27-year-old fisherman discovered the lifeless body of Archbishop Bala who died two days earlier. A first autopsy of the body carried out by local doctors had concluded the assassination of the prelate while a second conduct by German experts a few days later evokes a death by drowning.

The bishop’s funeral is scheduled for 02 and 03 August.


Sources: Cameroun Web




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