[Download]: MD Lyonga ft. Adele-Clarice & Futi – A Mother’s Tears

MD Lyonga ft. Adele-Clarice & Futi -- A Mother's Tears
MD Lyonga ft. Adele-Clarice & Futi -- A Mother's Tears

Trackzone Dynasty, MD Lyonga released the highly anticipated remix of the soul-touching hit ‘A Mother’s Love’ featuring vocalist extraordinaire Adele-Clarice and Futi today; 15th of March, 2017.

The Canadian-based rapper took to his Facebook; in a euphoric post he wrote;

“Mother’s Tears. Just published.
#Blessings and #Love to the #Mothers who lost their Sons and Husbands to Oppression”

Just a few weeks after releasing “Queen of the Earth” MD Lyonga joins forces to do a remix of this one. The Southern Cameroons state of Mind. The song raises consciousness on the oppression of Southern Cameroons by intelligently addressing the blatant violation of the Women; killing and abduction of her sons and husbands.

Everyone should be involved in the fight against oppression. ~ Md Lyonga ~

Enjoy below!

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