Bandy Kiki (CEO of Kinnakasblog)

Bandy Kiki is a young Cameroonian Blogger who runs and operates the popular blog Kinnakasblog and KinnakasTV. She is from Banso but based in the United Kingdom.  Kinnakas blog is arguably one of the most visited blogs in Cameroon (English Cameroon in particular) with over 120.000 monthly visits.

She was highly adored by many for her hardworking career as a blogger and constant post. Recently she has been a topic on its own after she regularly condemns popular temporal interim leaders of the consortium (English Cameroon Civil Society) Tvo Tapang and Mark Bareta.

These two (Ivo and Mark) have gained huge praise from the majority of the anglophone population for their outspokenness, influence, and dedication in the recent ongoing Anglophone Crises. While they are putting their names and lives on the line to revolutionalized change in English Cameroon Bandy Kiki dedicates her time condemning them regularly with little or no facts. From research and statistics, the majority of the anglophone population dislikes Bandy Kiki.

Three occasions have come up where Bandy Kiki breaks the internet with her post and is heavily criticized and threaten.

  1. Bandy Kiki Attacks Mark Bareta For asking women to go naked during the protest. Any daughter of the soil (Bamenda) will know and understand the meaning of “Takenbeng“. As freedom fighters, Mark and Ivo use every non-violent means to get Cameroon’s government attention so as to seek solutions to the anglophone crises. They simply supported what appeared to be some women’s suggestion to perform Takenbeng (A situation where most elderly women and some girls who can volunteer strip naked in protest to crises, mythically curse those that look at their nakedness; they are known for chasing away soldiers in 1992 when Ni John Fru won his Presidential and was cheated on which resulted to the 1992 protest). Bandy Kiki took advantage of the situation and condemns Mark for asking young girls to strip naked in this modern age. She was criticized for that. below is a screenshot of her facebook post. wp-1484983112204
  2. Bandy Kiki Posted via her blog that the people’s court finds Ivo Tapang and Mark Bareta guilty for misleading the people. This post from Bandy Kiki received just 120 likes and reaction but over 2000 comments meaning most viewers came there for one purpose only; to attack Kiki for her post. In the blog article writes that the people’s court finds mark and Ivo guilty for sending unverified information to a vulnerable population. She accuses them of forgery of leadership and manipulation of the organization.
    Post from Kinnakas blog.
    Post of Kiki
    Reactions From Angry Viewers
    Comments from viewers and some even threatening her


3. She recently posts a letter written by a Southern Cameroonian to Tapang Ivo. Question, why didn’t the person writes directly to Tapang Ivo rather than doing it openly. Ivo is hailed by many Anglophones and therefore any means to degrade his way means the person doesn’t support the struggle. Ivo and Mark are not perfect and prone to mistakes, but the truth is clear they will go down in history for voicing our their views and asking for a change in Cameroon. It takes a lot of balls to voice out such struggles knowing fully well that you are working on hot rods.akakaka

Part One
Part TWO

To conclude this, as a blogger you will receive negative comments, threats every day about some of your post but we as bloggers have to know our main goals and who we target. The anglophone crises is not a joke anymore because people have died and some have been heavily affected. The Anglophone population relies on Mark Bara and Tapang Ivo to lead them into victory and they have proven that they are ready to go miles to influence the government intervention in a positive way. Hundreds of people have been arrested unfairly and are been maltreated. If Bandy Kiki question their leadership then she should stand as a leader since she has huge social media following. Instead of relaying information that discourages the people should PV Mark and Ivo and correct their wrongs rather than pulling traffic in her website.

Her reactions may appear as a stunt to her and pull traffic to her blog but a lot of people are hurt and angry and it won’t appear as a joke if someone targets her.

NB: This is not a hate Post, Just a review



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