[Breaking News]: “I Am A Lesbian”; Bandy Kiki: Blogger Puts Her Sexuality on the Spotlight


Bandy Kiki is probably the first person ever to come out as gay on Cameroon.

Bandy Kiki Blogging career has inspired most bloggers in Cameroon and she is known for her controversial post to two main actors of the Anglophone crises, that is Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo; Her blog –Kinnaka Blog- is one of the most visited Blogs in Cameroon and she is based in the United Kingdom.

Though she has always been known to support gay rights and praised for being an LGBT Activist, no one has ever thought she was gay as this may be considered a taboo in Africa, especially in Cameroon.


Apparently, she is engaged to an Unknown lady. Below is a screenshot of her post on Facebook.

More Details on this Later




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