Here are 6 Reasons Why We Love Jovi


New Bell Music boss, Jovi, has been the talk of the industry ever since he dropped his  critically acclaimed 4th Album and doing so far the biggest concert of this year and in true Mbokogod style. He has definitely marked major milestone to commemorate this year in his career and this may just be the beginning. Fans of the rapper launched a movement in his honor – the Mboko Gang.

Here are our top five favorite things about Mboko God.

6. His Music

This is a no-brainer given the fact that we probably wouldn’t know Jovi if it wasn’t for his music. Jovi’s music has evolved over the years and now he has become a tried and tested hit maker with consistent successful hit singles and albums. His raw lyrics and jams make us lose our home training and we like it like that.

5. His Independent Business Mind

Jovi Business Mind

Jovi’s decision to Leave his former record label Mumak Records and venture into creating his own label – New Bell Music is yet another boss move that the rapper made at the start of his career. By this move Jovi show that he has a mind powerful enough to do more than create music.

4. His Work Ethic

Jovi Work

The fact that Jovi is arguably the hardest working rapper in Cameroon. Mboko god has released an Four Albums  and 9 EPs since 2012. Jovi’s consistency really does sit in a class all its own.

3. His Protégé

New Bell Music Artists

Despite the controversies and alleged feud surrounding Jovi and New Bell Music Recording artists, Let’s be honest, Jovi provided easy access to new music discoveries. We never knew Pascal, Tilla, Shey,

2. His Twitter Account

Jovi Twitter

A one-man publicity house, Jovi’s Twitter is the Equinox TV of the raw-music entertainment-industrial complex. Practically every time he opens his Twitter account, it becomes news: announcing new music; showcasing Mboko spirit; exacting a point-by-point ethering of other rappers and musicians; or just letting his complex, contradictory emotions fly. Catch it here @JoviLeMonstre

He has amassed new followers on Twitter proofing to us that music as a profession goes just beyond recording, we have to communicate on social Media and twitter is the ideal platform for more exposure

1. He is a sound Engineer Genius


In the music industry he is a Sensei (master) of production, Mixing and Mastering – Skills he learned in India.  Though he seldom produced for any other artist apart from New Bell Music Affiliate, Jovi has gathered respect from top music producers including Salatiel, Sangtum etc

In short, to cut long story story short – Jovi produced a song for the legendary Akon and he is also well known in Nigeria as a super talented Sound Engineer, gaining credits and shout outs from D’Banj, J Martins Etc


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