Rapper JOVI releases new album ”GOD DON KAM” (DOWNLOAD NOW)

Cameroon’s Hip Hop Powerhouse JOVI has released his much-anticipated fourth studio Album, GOD DON KAM.

GOD DI KAM boasts of 14 tracks touches on several themes such as self-confidence, Patriotism etc. Jovi’s bold mix of musical inspiration fuses Cameroonian genres like bikutsi, makossa, and bottle dance with original compositions, creating a new genre called “Mboko”.

The album features cinematic, layered music that gives the listener a rare feeling of nostalgia mixed with futurism. Rapping in multiple languages: English, French, Pidgin, and Limbum, Jovi delivers hard, clever lyrics on wide-ranging subjects from his work ethic to current life in Cameroon.

Jovi continually switches up his flows moving from the unconventional rhythms of “God Don Kam” to the driving chorus on “Ouleu”. God Don Kam’s sound is rich, entirely self-produced by Le Monstre (Jovi’s alias as a producer). Bass-heavy, trap-ladden “God Di Kam” shares an epic feel with songs like “Man Pass Man, Part 4.”  Download Jovi’s new album “God Don Kam” now below.



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