[Download][Tape Compilation]: Kamer Urbain Presents ” Kurbain Tape 4″


Kurbain Tape Vol 4 Front Cover.jpg

The Kurbain Tape is a compilation of urban music launched in 2013 by KAMER URBAIN available every month of December for free download  !!!

KAMER URBAIN aims to make Cameroonian Urban Music more accessible.

The theme: Proudly 237
Due to the Anglophone crises that have made Cameroon unstable especially in the regions of North-West and South-West Region. This tape also aims to unify Cameroon musically by showcasing the some of the best songs coming from Cameroon, that’s why KURBAIN TAPE VOL 4 has for theme “Proudly 237”

KAMER URBAIN goes even further than the previous editions by doing a media tour presenting the compilations

Artists present and Track List

Kurbain Tape Vol 4 Back Cover.jpg
The Artists who seduced us by their talent and their abnegation to go far in the music are:

1) Krys Kofi – Ngombo

2) Mc Neillex – Show you feat Djara

3) Brendy Rayce – Purple

4) Trigger – Au Ndem

5) Kefhal King – More Reggae feat Tonton Boudor

6) Youm – Aliénation

7) M-Seize – Goumba

8) Elamè – Est ce que tu es Dieu ?

9) Lily Swagga – balok feat général Ebak

10) Benzo – zinguer

11) Helen x Djara x ZeeJm – Parlez

12) Matilda – avec toi

13) Toujours – tiens ma main

14) JDR – Papa

15) D’Angel Mélodie – Illusion

16) Macleen – Dans le Easy

17) Yannkovich Carter – Gaou

18) M-Pro – Specially

19) Kmeleon change color – on n’est pas pareil

20) Mic Monsta – House Party ft Slim Beatz

Bonus track
Lord Eriko – Sans Caleçon



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