Download: Ale Myz – Dansez (Directed by Tam Gaëlo)

Ale Myz - Dansez Africa artwk
Ale Myz - Dansez Africa artwk

Ale Myz, known for her originality and unique style releases a cool and mellow African rhythm titled ‘Dansez Africa’, which simply means ‘Africa, dance’. In this song, she celebrates African music and culture – the music is beautiful, the instruments are loud, the dance moves are wonderful. Ale Myz tells Africans to come together and spread these African vibes throughout the world. This song was composed and written by Ale Myz. It was produced by Tam Gaëlo and EC Neba for The Gaëlo Outcome®.

The music video features music producer and guitarist who played a major role in composing the main guitars and chorus of the song: EC Neba.

The video was directed, shot, and Edited by Tam Gaëlo.

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