Commotion As Floods Deluge Homes In Cameroon’s Economic Capital Douala

Flood This Morning In Cameroon's Economic Capital Douala
Flood This Morning In Cameroon's Economic Capital Douala

The actual floods recorded in some parts of Douala following recent heavy downpours have deluged many homes.  Areas mostly affected in Douala include Vallee Bessengue, Bonaberi, Bonamoussadi, Bepanda, Makepe.

Recording their losses, residents of the areas said they have had no peace as a result of the dreaded floods and when ahead saying they needed urgent assistance from the government to control the flood threatening the area in order to forestall loss of lives and properties. The floods consumed many houses in those areas, the residents of flood-prone areas should be enlightened about the dangers that come with floods.

Citizens are appealing to the state officials to build roads with drainage systems.

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Flood In Douala
Flood In Douala






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