Buea 3rd District Police Commissioner kidnapped


Tazisong Christopher, Commissioner of the 3rd District Police Station in Muea, Buea, Fako Division, Southwest Region, was abducted by unidentified men at Buea Miles 16.

He was stopped near a bar on Sunday afternoon around 3:20 pm by men on a motorcycle who took him to an unknown destination.

The entire Mile 16 was militarized with systematic checks of identity cards, especially around the bridge.

The Commissioner of the Buea Central Police Station arrived at the scene a few minutes after the kidnapping to have the information of the first hand. At the moment, a search has been launched.

Meanwhile, a mixed-control team stormed villages along the Buea-Limbe road on Sunday as they routinely checked house-to-house and door-to-door.

Research began in Tole, a popular village in Buea, before expanding to Wotutu in Limbe and other areas.

More than 100 people were arrested and transported to Buea, where they were detained.

The arrest in Tole and other villages occurred several hours after the arrest of dozens of people in Muea, in the subdivision of Buea, and their arrest.

SDF MP for Bafut-Tubah, Hon. Fusi Namukong, lamented the effects of the Anglophone crisis on the economy, life and the country as a whole.

He revealed that “more than 2,000 people were killed, more than 200,000 internally displaced, at least 150,000 refugees in Nigeria with a curfew imposed from 19 hours in the northwestern and southwestern regions. The economy is down and the genocide continues in English-speaking Cameroon. ”

The UN has declared that the crisis has reached a point where human intervention is now primate and they promised to cough up millions of US dollars to support internally displaced people, more than 160,000 according to the UN statistics.

SOURCES: Cameroon Info, Actu Cameroun, Cameroun Web


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