Breach of Trust: First Cameroonian movie to be sold &; Renting on Amazon and Amazon Prime (Download Here)


Breach of Trust becomes the first Cameroonian Movie to Feature on Amazon UK and USA. From multiple International awards to this record-breaking moment. The Cameroonian movie produced by UK based producer Roseline Fonkwa Moundjongui, co-produced by Rene Moundjongui, Hoyle Yvette and directed by Cameroon based movie director Nkanya Nkwai is more than just a movie – It’s a movement. Over time we’ve heard thousands of people request for a viewing gateway to African movies and we have worked towards a solution to fill this gap.

The movie which is based on a true story tells the story of incest and sexual abuse in Africa and around the world, through the eyes of different victims. After it’s world-class premiere in the UK and Cameroon last year, the movie has received impressive reviews and positive feedback from filmmakers, critics and viewers all around the world. Made up of a Cameroon, Nigerian and UK cast, Breach of trust is the first Cameroonian movie to feature on Amazon UK and US. This is an incredible record for the movie industry in the country and for all victims of incest and sexual abuse in the country and beyond, whose voices can now be heard across the world through the award-winning movie. 

Watch the Trailer Below

Breach of Trust has received multiple recognitions, selected and featured in national and international film festivals like the British Screen Nation Awards, Leiff Film Festival, London, MAMA Africa Film Festival in Kenya, Cameroon International Movies and Films Festival (CAMIFF), CAAFAS Awards, UK Nollywood etc. As a movement, the movie is the first phase of sensitization against incest and sexual abuse and a visual demonstration of the main objective of the Non-Governmental Organization, The Voice of Hope. Founded by the movie’s producer Roseline Fonkwa, this organization is focused on providing counseling for sexual abuse victims and helping them get justice against their offenders. Sensitization and education on sexual abuse have been carried out by the organization so far through seminars across the national territory, representation on international territories through engagements and social media. The platform is actively used to provide education on prevention, early detection and signposting victims and family affected for further support. This movement has no doubt demystified the belief that talking about incest and sexual abuse is a taboo in homes around the world, especially in Africa.

Breach of trust is one remarkable movie that will continue making waves for a long time to come and a new dawn for victims of incest and sexual abuse.

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