“Askia and I can’t be friends” Tilla Tafari opens up.

Askia and Tilla
Askia and Tilla

Not long ago Askia Karine and Tilla Tafari who haven’t been in good terms for quite awhile took to their social media handles and posted some pictures of them looking so happy together and Tilla showed up for Askia’s music video shoot.

This made fans so happy seeing them together again as friends and gave them best friendship wishes. Little did we know this make-up wasn’t going to last.

Week(s) after their reunion, Tilla has been putting up some heartbroken/disappointed messages.

But fans didn’t actually pay attention or focus on what she meant, who she was referring to, and all of that. Today, she came out clear to say she can’t be friends with Askia because(screenshot below):

No one knows what has gone wrong between these two again. Some fans consider Tilla’s post as “publicity stunt”.

Nonetheless, whatever has gone wrong again, we hope these two adults try to fix things again and again. They must not be very close friends again but at least be in good terms as colleagues.


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