An Insight to Mc Neillex New Release Titled BULLSHIT


Rap from it’s base has always been a tool for Rappers to voice the plight of the people. It is a tool for advocacy, information and education. This is the reason why rappers like PAC, Nas, Immortal Technique etc are respected. Now coming back to Cameroon, we have had a lot of rappers who still know their role to the society. Rappers like Valsero, Blueprint Hakeem, Voc, Amsnazzy, Skiezy Ayenkea, Mic Monsta etc have been giving their voice and using their music as a tool to fight and expose injustice in the System. At a time when a lot of artist wanna be apolitical, Mc Neillex drops new song titled ”Bullshit.” The content of the song is sarcastic as he voices out the problems faced by the masses in his country; electrical, water, internet, poverty, Corruption, unemployment, freedom of speech and police brutality. After listening to the song, tell us if you think he is the voice of the voiceless.

The song is produced by Dj Larado.

Download and Stream Below

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