5 Signs to Know a woman is HIV positive even if she looks healthy


HIV has been around for many years now and those science has done it’s best against this deadly disease, it continues to have a significant effect on society!

Women have some basic trends as healthy carriers that can be easily noticed so as take the right measures.

Here are some basic signs a woman maybe a healthy carrier.

Women may wonder how HIV symptoms for them differ from those seen in men. Many HIV symptoms are the same for men and women, but not all.

Here’s a list of 5 common symptoms, including those that are specific to women.

  • Women with HIV can experience changes to their menstrual cycle. Their periods may be lighter or heavier than normal, or they may not have a period at all.
  • HIV-positive women may also have more severe premenstrual symptoms.
  • Most people with HIV develop skin problems. Rash is a common symptom of HIV, and many different types of skin rashes are associated with the condition. They may be a symptom of HIV itself or the result of a concurrent infection or condition. If rashes appear, it’s a good idea to have a healthcare provider review one’s medical history. They can use a complete medical history to determine which diagnostic tests are needed.
  • Lymph nodes are located throughout the human body, including the neck, back of the head, armpits, and groin. As part of the immune system, lymph nodes fend off infections by storing immune cells and filtering pathogens. As HIV begins to spread, the immune system qkicks into high gear. The result is enlarged lymph nodes, commonly known as swollen glands.
  • It’s often one of the first signs of HIV. In people living with HIV, swollen glands may last for several months.

With this basic observable signs, wan easily tell how healthy, a healthy woman is truly healthy!



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