Women have always been the backbone of every progressive society, to no exception is the society of showbiz.

Here is a short list of ladies to watch out for in 2019 with respect to exempted ladies I believe merit to be in same category.

Before we begin, please don’t hesitate to mention anyone you think we should focus on in the second edition of this showcase.


Meet Philldella Yve a Cameroonian – Nigerian by heritage but an African role model by personality.
This beauty just fresh from her Vacation in Dubai has been entertaining us from Africa Magic to Iroko with marvelous and educative characters, played so well as a born talent we just couldn’t hold the applauds.
She is known to be kind, lovely, beautiful and mostly a giver; one of the reasons why she never lacks blessings.
Not only an actress, but a motivational speaker who inspires so many people of all gender to bring out the best in themselves.

What more can we ask for from this power House as she steps into 2019??

We can only wish her the best as she breaks her own boundaries to accomplish even more!
For daily updates follow her on IG: Philldella Yve as she keeps it real on a 100


Dorothy Diamond is an incredible mom and yummy wife family wise. Career wise she does talk shows, Fashion shows, films, short films and soon to launch TV station and the Head of insight & data for a Major UK company.

For daily updates follow her on IG and all other social media platform with her name Dorothy Daimond.

Look out for this lady in 2019


Born in the 80’s to the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Itambi of Bereje Oshie as the 5th out of six Children, Delphine Itambi developed a deep love for novels as early as she could read. It was a family tradition passed from the eldest sibling to the youngest. One she eventually grew deep into which later spurred her love for motion pictures as she transformed words read into pictures in her mind. Being a science student, with an initial zeal to be a chemist or Doctor, she majored in Chemistry at the University of Buea.But the love of films took over in her 2nd year when she embarked on producing her first film titled A WOMAN’s WORLD. After graduating she decided to fully engage in film production. She wrote ,produced and directed her 2nd feature in early 2011,”HOUSE OF TRIPLETS” Unsatisfied with the kind of filmmaker she was at the moment, she left later that year in pursuit of her unique voice as a filmmaker in one of her dream film schools.The New York Film Accademy where she redefined herself and has ever since on returning home written countless screenplays for filmmakers both home and abroad, written produced and directed the short film I-BEMSI which was well received in international film festivals as well as directed the documentary A PEOPLE AT SEA. And finally her latest film WARDZEE as writer/producer and director.She has also served as a sub Jury twice on the African Movie Academy Awards(AMAA) in 2015 and 2016 respectively.As well as currently holds the position of the Programmer and General manager of ARTCITY SHORT FILM FESTIVAL…

Presently her sitcom Cité Malingo is set for release by the end of the month of January.

Cité Malingo is a HiTv production, produced by Humphrey Enow Ayuk and Executive producer IMMANUEL DAH

To her , her journey as a filmmaker has only just began….
Follow her on Instagram: Itambi Delphine


Mbebang is a Cameroon based actress/ producer. Her 2018 started with alot of setbacks as she almost lost her life on a fatal motor accident immediately after the premier of Her movie Ijangg. Inrespective of her predicaments, evodia courageously bounce back on track by featuring in the movie NECROMANCY as a supporting character” Engwari and Ngianji, as lead character. At the end of 2018, she won an award as Best Cameroon Actress in lead role in the red feather awards alongside two other awards given to her movie Ijangg (best director and best cinematographer) . presently. She has signed a contract to work on two projects this January, three projects in February, her own projects in April and May. She is indeed a go-getter.

Latest and secret information .NB evodia will surprise her fans with musical track (the return of Ashley B) This 2019, whatchout for her.

IG: Mbebang Evodia

Please let’s know what you think in the comment box below, and who you think we should feature in the next set.


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