Valsero Scouts International Public Figures to counter rally and pass a vote of confidence against President Paul Biya

While some other artists have recently signed up to give their support to President Paul Biya and Endorse him as their president for the upcoming Cameroon Presidential Elections, Anti-Paul Biya Rapper Valsero rallies some international figures against President Paul Biya.

These African figures have posted videos endorsing the Opposition of  CPDM’s and Encouraging the population to vote against Paul Biya. They include

Claudy Siar  (France) – Legendary Radio Host, Singer, and MC


Didier Awadi – (Senegalese) – Hip Hop Legend of West Africa


Mbolatiana Raveloarimisa (Madagascar) – Activist


Fadel Barro  (Senegal) –

Serge Bambara (Burkina Faso)

Khadja Nin – (Burundi)



SOURCES: General Valsero


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