These Female Acts Did Not Perform at Askia’s BAG CONCERT and Here is Why?


Askia and Tino Foy’s Discovery: The Bag Concert clashed with three other prominent Concerts/Shows last Saturday 30th of November. These shows Include –

  UBA Music Show

– DOMAF (Douala Music Festival)

– UJAMS Freestyle Party

Now what is trending is that while big-time artists like Salatiel and Daphne made surprised stunning appearances, six prominent female artistes Gasha, Montess, Yung Meagan, Mihney, Lors and Mel B Akwen  were missing at the concert. This has generated a lot of reactions from people on social media. Some are indifferent while some organizers of these awards disrespected the absent artists.
Well Askia Summarized reasons behind these absence in a disappointing post which she later apologized for the negativity.

Askia Posted Alleged reasons why these Female acts were Absent from her Concert


In case you minimize the consequence of such happenings, Know this.  You buy a gig ticket weeks in advance and come the day, eager to meet your favorite musician performing live, hours later he/she is no where to be found.




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