The Cameroonian reality show, Biggy 237 kicks off on Sunday

biggy 237- Season 1
biggy 237- Season 1

It is not Big Brother Africa, neither is it Big Brother Naija- it is Biggy 237, a reality show straight from Cameroon.

The first edition of this much-anticipated show kicks off on August 2 with FCFA 10 million as prize money to be won.

“Biggy 237 aims at nurturing talent and inspiring hope in young Cameroonians. It is a talent-driven show which brings out creativity, innovation and showcases the talent of its contestants. Biggy237 creates a platform to showcase the skills and talents of its contestants while entertaining the public,” the organizers said

Twenty-five young boys and girls under the age of 21 will get into the ‘Biggy Mansion’ from August 2, as they begin their chase to win FCFA 10 million, other prizes as well as a trip to Dubai.

The show was initially scheduled to start months ago but was pushed forward due to the outbreak of the COVID-19.

However, organizers say they have taken all the necessary measures to ensure barrier measures are respected while contestants adhere to the strict medical rules before getting into the mansion.

To that effect,  all contestants have been submitted to the COVID-19 test as well as other medical tests like HIV, Hepatitis, Chlamydia…etc. They have equally been on quarantine since July 18 before they will finally get into the mansion on Sunday.

While in the Biggy mansion, the contestants will be expected to express themselves in English (on Mondays and Saturdays) French (Tuesdays and Fridays), Pidgin (Wednesday), Camfranglais (Thursday), and English and French (Sunday).

The contestants will be given tasks daily which will focus on peace, living together as well as on the prevention of the COVID-19.

The organizers have created Biggy 237 TV HD which will screen the show to the public who are expected to vote for their favorite contestants


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