The Birth of a new Record Label – 10AK (One of A Kind Enterainment)


A new record label, One of a kind Entertainment (10AK) has been launched in Buea last week Saturday 27th, 2018 with the aim of promoting upcoming musicians. It is an all-around entertainment flagship Company which aims to find the best talent from the region and then record and distribute the artists’ music through CD, vinyl and online downloads. The company also aims at changing the business of music in Cameroon.

This launch, which took place at Mountain Hotel in Buea, featured performances by some of the artists making a wave in the music industry including Gima, Rizzy Ray, Meccah, Joy.

President and Representative of the label, ND Stallone, said: “We are looking for ways to support the entertainment industry in Cameroon by organizing yearly musical festival and awards, getting a well equipped audiovisual facility for production, provide training to talented and passionate artists to improve and maintain the standards of the country’s music and change the way the world views Cameroon entertainment industry.”

10AK Entertainment intent to prove that they are able to compete with even the biggest of major labels including Alphabetter Records.

If all these are put in the place the Cameroon entertainment industry will contribute enormously to the country’s economy.10AK Entertainment Launch


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