Skiezy Ayenkea drops his Kimankar EP

"Kimankar"EP - Skiezy Ayenkea
"Kimankar"EP - Skiezy Ayenkea
“Kimankar”EP – Skiezy Ayenkea

ShrimpBoy Entertainment presents rapper Skiezy Ayeakea brand new music project ” Kimkanka”.This is something really special that connects hip hop to his native Banso. People wonder what KIMANKA means well in Lamso which is his native tongue it means a FAT and LOUD drum. In this EP, he proudly celebrates his Banso roots and he urges all of us to be proud of who we are. The themes handled in the EP are relevant to our society and he says he wants to emancipate the African mind because he reminds us that his art is to educate, inform, and entertain.

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“Kimanka” EP is 7 tracks project which features Why Tomah, Spido, N.B.O, Method J, etc with production from Brino Man, McCoy Twap, etc, and Deejay Glenny blessed the project with mixing and mastering.

The EP contains a bonus track which is an all start of Banso rappers which will bring powerful imprint of Banso rappers, The song is produced by Dijay Cliff

“Ngwasang” is track number 3 on his EP and it means “corn” in his native lamso so I guess we can start to smell some corn chaff in the air. On this track, he shows his rap versatility as he does it in English, pidgin, and lamso.On this particular piece, he features

A.V Hovy and the song is produced by Method J and special mixing and mastering by Dj Glenny

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