Basile Atangana Kouna Openly Discriminates Amidst Anglophone Crises

Minister Basile Atangana Kouna (Minister of Water Resources and Energy)
Minister Basile Atangana Kouna (Minister of Water Resources and Energy)

Minister of Water Resources and Energy  Mr. Basile Atangana Kouna released a list of one hundred candidates eligible for the training program set up on the margins of the electrification project of 166 localities by solar photovoltaic systems.

The List of Successful Candidates


The list is made up of 80% of his tribesmen. This has attracted heavy criticism and many critics have openly attacked him for tribalism. Among the critics is Professor Mathias Eric Owona Nguini who has denounced via his Facebook profiles saying “It’s a shame and scandal on the Ministry: Minister Basile Atangana Kouna signs a list of admitted admitted candidates and 100% Cameroonians coming from the same region as the minister “. Mathias Eric Owona Nguini continued that “this list has shocked Cameroonians from all regions including even those from the minister’s village have unanimously condemned such acts in such a delicate period or the unity of the Country Is as much undermined “. The list was published in the edition of Cameroon Tribune published on February 16, 2017.

Professor Mathias Eric Owona Nguini

Here are the names of those who have been chosen

————– 1 MEDZA Jean Paul 2. MENYE Ingride Fabiola 3. ATANGANA ASSIGA Come Damien. 4. ESSOMBA MBALLA Michel 5. OWONA Serge Dominique 6. NGONO Marie Therese 7. MBARGA ESSAMA C. BAC C SCIENTIFICS AND TECHNIQUES CDE ————– 1. OTTOU OBAMA Jean Leonel 2. MENYE ESSOME Carole 3. ONGOYA Daman Nadege 4. KOUMBIZIK Serge Thadee 5. ONDOLE Rene Edmond6. BABA Exodus BAH COMMERCIAL (BACC) ————– 1. EKANI DZANA Guy 2. ENYEGUE MANI Catherine 3. OWONA Caliste Thierry 4. ATEBA Bruno 5. EBOUDOU ESSOMBA Winny Julie 6. FOUDA Jules Celestin 7. MVOGO Desiré 8. DZEME ATENTA Agathe Christelle COMMERCIAL (BEPC) ————— 1 BEYALA Emillienne 2. AMOUGOU Camille Manuella 3. NGA MESSI Francoise 4. EYOMANE Blanche 5. BEFE Bernadette ENGINEERS ——— 1. NGUINI NGUINI Jacques 2. ABENA MVONDO Jacques Eric 3. MAKOMO NGAMESSI


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