See How Eto’o helps Norbert Owona former captain of indomitable lions


The former captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, Norbert Owona (67) lives a life of misery after his glorious football career.

The first sportsman from the New-Bell district to play in the Cameroonian selection and the first footballer to buy a car in Douala in 1968, is homeless. Driven by his owner for unpaid bills, he spends his nights on a veranda at the L [New-Bell neighborhood] in Douala. “I sleep like an animal, I did not know my country could leave me like that,” he told Equinox TV. For two years, I have a problem with my testicles (an inguinal hernia). And it sucks my blood.

The News of the suffering of Nobert Owona reached Samuel Eto’o who then took the decision to take charge of his sad situation. The Qatar Sc player is going to help Nobert Owona regain his health and help him out of precariousness as he did to Jean-Paul Akona after the stroke that had long paralyzed him.

SOURCES: Afrique Sports


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