[Press Release]: KURBAIN TAPE All Artists – Proudly 237 (Official Song) (Produced by Tony Ef Beats)


As usual, Kamer Urbain brought together the team of talented artists (those that lack visibility, and platforms of expression) on the compilation Urban music Kurbain Tape Vol 4 released in December 2017. It is at the Following various media outlets in the radios of the city of Douala born the idea to gather the artists of the Compile to make a sound together, a sound where they can share the same vibe, the same craze, the same beat. Thus, to pass on a strong message about the patriotism of Cameroonians, these artists under the artistic direction of KENNE KENETIA  themed “Proudly 237” as if to say loudly and intelligibly that we are all brothers and sisters, we are all sons and daughters of Cameroon, no question of separating because of a history of “Francophone or Anglophone“, Cameroon is a country of peace, a country full of love, a country UNITED and INDIVISIBLE and its 11 children in this sound proudly put forward the motto of Africa in miniature: “Peace – Work – Fatherland“.

On a very dynamic music at the same time pop, Afro, Rap, Trap, Hip-hop produced by Tony Ef Beats, with couplets sung in several languages ​​like the Duala, Foufouldé, Pidgin, French and the English, it is with great pleasure that Matilda, Trigger, Macleen, Angel Melody, Krys Kofi, Kefhal King, Youm, M16, Neillex, Lord Eriko and Kmeleon come together to say how much they are proud to be Cameroonians, no Anglophone, no Francophone, just Cameroonians proud of their Fatherland, their cherished land. They are of diverse origin, they are from Douala, Bamenda, Buea, North, Center, they took their cultural diversity as a force to carry out this mission which was theirs: that of saying to all and to all that Cameroon is a UNITED and INDIVISIBLE country that will never blaze for a history of Anglophone or Francophone because it is concepts that were imposed in Cameroon by the colonists.

The slogan is Proudly 237, Love, Fraternity, Patriotism, peace, unity. Matilda, Trigger, Macleen, Angel Melody, Krys Kofi, Kefhal King, Youm, M16, Neillex, Lord Eriko and Kmeleon Change Color as well as KAMER URBAIN who oversees this project are positioned as Cameroonians whose sole mission here is to distill the wind of unity and love in every corner of the national triangle. And as the saying goes: “music softens manners” so let yourself be carried away by the beautiful melodies and the message of this beautiful song. Proudly 237, Proudly Cameroonian.




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