Mutzig Star 2020 Finals (in photos)

  1. Mutzig Star 2020 Finals (in photos)

The 30th edition of the most popular music competition in Cameroon and one of the best in Africa and the world at large, MUTZIG STAR finals took place at Mballa 2 studio of CRTV in Yaounde.

The show was broadcasted live on CRTV, Canal 2, and Equinox Tv and also on online social media platforms. Technology made it possible to project live images of fans who were following from different parts of the world.

The competition saw many aspiring Cameroonian talents come from all corners of the country to put forth their best show in hopes of becoming the next “Mutzig Star” 2020.

After numerous eviction stages, six contestants made it to the final round; Jimmy Costa, Esthia Charlene, Babette Edimo, Edmond Youadeu, Sakouea Time, and Eve Raiyons. All resilient and relentless individuals with extraordinary winner mindsets who would’ve put the judges at a tight angle when it came to ranking the winner if not for the brilliant idea of points being given at the end of each performance plus; viewers votes accounted for 20% of the overall decision.

Mutzig Star 2020 Judges

At the end of it all, Jimmy Costa was crowned Mutzig Star 2020; a title which comes with a huge check of 5 million francs CFA, a production, promotion, and marketing deal valid for a whole year not to mention the visibility acquired through the platform (plus a few other benefits).

Mutzig Star 2020 winner Jimmy Costa

Let’s talk performances; here is a breakdown of guest star performances for the night:
• Fast-rising Lionn Production street queen Kameni opened performances for the guest artists with a few contestants having the pleasure of accompanying her during the first few minutes which was also the case too for Daphne (I personally enjoyed her hopping dance move).


• The newlywed award-winning Daphne who mounted the stage in an all-white costume treated everyone to a couple of songs from early in her career like “Rastafera” after doing a group performance with a few contestants.


• The man with this end of year’s reigning street anthem Aveira Djess delivered the most vibrant performance for the night which got everybody on stage beginning with Karyce Fotso (who seemed to be a great fan of the “Nyama” track).

Aveiro Djess

And being coaches didn’t stop MR LEO and FINAL D from having an inclusive performance with all contestants to open the soiree. There was also a performance from last year’s winner NDA CHI who performed a song on unity. His attire and energy from the song depicted a Cameroonian genius.

Away from performances, even though there was just a single winner, every finalist left with a price:
• Sixth price> 500, 000 francs cfa * Esthia Charlene
• Fifth price> 750, 000 francs cfa * Babette Edimo
• Fourth price> 1, 000, 000 francs cfa * Sakouea Time
• Third price> 2, 000, 000 francs cfa * Eve Raiyons
• Second price> 3, 000, 000 francs CFA * Edmond Youadeu

So in the judges PhillBill Ridimz, Roger of the X Malaya trio, and Karyce Fotso voices, everybody left a winner.

Karyce Fotso

The front stage hosts were the talented and vibrant Steve Fonkam and Mr. Chaletin.

Steve and Chatelin

While the backstage was graced by Nabila.

The public affirms that Mutzig Star 2020 was a successful project.


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