Know More about the Movie ENGWARI AND NGIANJI

Engwari and Ngiangi Artwork
Engwari and Ngiangi Artwork

ENGWARI AND NGIANJI is a movie produced by my movie channel, directed by an award-winning director Billybob Ndive, with lead actors like Mbebang Evodia who recently won an award as best Cameroon actress in red feather awards and co-staring Ferdinand Forka (O boy da comic) who is known for his hilarious acts both on and off the camera.

The movie is out to educate couples on how to handle their emotional anxieties and also to be careful with who you employ in your home as a maid. Get to watch it to find out more. We are not giving away any massive spoilers.

We see Engwari as the center of attention in the movie.

Mbebang Evodia who stared in this movie as Engwari is a Cameroon top rising actress who recently won an award as best actress in the red feather awards and is gradually signing numerous project contracts with several producers and production houses to exploit her talent further. Besides just being an actress, she is a producer and striving to be a professional scriptwriter. She is humble, jovial,welcoming, and ready to move at any call of action. She loves her craft and is ready to exploit her talent to the fullest.

On the other hand Ferdinand Forka who is a comic genius who will just crack your ribs wide open.

Huge respect to the production team and other actors that moved this movie from imagination to our TV screens.

It is a must-watch comedy movie to watch and Laugh out your stress after a stressful day.

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