Most Awards in Cameroon are not Credible and are out for Visibility.


An award is something given to a recipient as a token of recognition of excellence in a certain field. Award shows over the years in Cameroon have become a fundraising event with different awards popping up every year. This venture has been taken by individuals who are out to make money from organizing these events. This is so because tickets and VIP tables are sold for a ceremony that is out to reward distinctive individuals. With an industry like ours which is still growing, a lot of opportunists come up with these schemes to make a name and penetrate the industry easily. Also, the credibility of some awards has been questioned by the public when it comes to nominations, votings and categories.

To begin with nominations, one will notice that people are nominated because of how popular and influential they are without taking into consideration the time frame considered for nomination. For example, you find out with dismay that a 2018 song is nominated for a 2020 award just because a newly created award wants to tab from the visibility of the artiste.

Votings and Categories is another part of this fiasco that needs proper measures. There are a lot of categories at times that need a board of specialist in that domain to sit and deliberate and not asking the public to vote. The reason for not asking fans and followers to vote is because they will go with the person whose name is popular and not appreciate the content and form. How do you consider votes from fans when the question is about Best Lyricist? Most of these awards deserve to be awarded mediocrity.



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