Meet “Hard Fire🔥” who is Probably one of the most talented artists from this part of the world.


In today’s over glamorous music entertainment, it is a fresh of breath air to see a Cameroonian artist with an Afropop stardom caliber on stage with this “Dose” of talent.

With his Dreadlocks and eyebrow raise like “The Rock” a voice of fire, dynamism and spirit will make Hard Fire establish himself at the forefront of Cameroon Urban music in the near future.

Born Mbah Ondogomma Emmanuel, Hard Fire has achieve success with his vibrant shows and songs strumming to the chords of pure genuine Afro music in the streets of Kumba.

His Freestyle, lyrics and reggae skills allowed him to be spotted by Sirr Eric and signed him to Tongz Records.

Hard Fire
Hard Fire

We were absolutely blown away when we saw a freestyle video of Hard Fire on the internet showcasing his raw talent from the Internet, and played the pedals with both feet.

Hard fire is preparing to tune up his talent as he route up into the Cameroonian musical chain with the goal of making his mark and giving the veterans a run for their money.

This act will prove that the music industry has not been hijacked by popular artists like Mr. Leo, Stanley Enow, Jovi, Daphne, Blanche Bailly who have been reigning supreme for the past decade.

Hard Fire
Hard Fire

The journey towards his musical prowess unmasked during his high school days at CCC Kumba where he began writing songs/rap line and doing freestyles.

After almost 10 months since the release of his single – Agbada Dance he is preparing to make a new entry into the mainstream Cameroonian music scene by releasing his first single in over 9 months titled, “Monkey Riddim

Hard Fire - Monkey Riddim
Hard Fire Monkey Riddim

He is a well-rounded artist with witty wordplay, melodic tones and captivating lyrics that puts the listener on a reflective musical dance journey and happy mood, making his brand of music unique.

His latest single release, ‘Monkey Riddim”, hit the airwaves on Friday 7th and is gonna become favorite in clubs. radio and online portals including social media. MONKEY RIDIM (danse avec moi) a song of celebration rooted from his childhood memories, takes you through a contemporary fusion of dance hall, Afro-pop and Hip Hop showcasing the versatile music prowess of the artist, produced by Boy Karl, mixed and mastered by Slim Beatz alongside the video, crafted by THE BRAND aka Regis Talla (may his soul Rest In Peace).



MONKEY RIDIM is definitely the new vibration to hit the dashboard and playlist of DJs and Party music lovers.

MONKEY RIDIM is now available on all online music streaming platforms and can be consumed without moderation as HARDFIRE is looking forward to becoming the prince of Camer's Urban Music taking his music and style to another dimension like never heard before.

‘Monkey Riddim’ is one infectious tune that will stand the test of time just like the singer himself is a breath of fresh air on the African music scene and he sets his eyes on becoming the new school prince of African sound.

IMG_0195Hard FireHard Fire

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