Maahlox Le Vibeur Disrespects Artistes invited by him at his Snack (Le Boivement)

Maahlox Le Vibeur
Maahlox Le Vibeur

It is a shame to see an artiste like Maahlox disrespecting his colleagues. Maahlox is known for being vocal about working conditions and payment of artiste but he does not do that as an event organizer. Singer Wams Klasssic in a video Uploaded on his channel, talks about his disappointment after leaving Douala for his show at Le Boivement. The singer confronted Maahlox on what he feels was disrespect towards him and his team. Some of his concerns are; artiste were not given a proper entry, artiste were not served drinks as guest artiste, the sound system was poor etc. One would have expected an apology from him but instead in public, he went ahead to insult the artiste he invited as nobody, bragged about his achievements etc. Wams Classic goes ahead to tell young artiste to never give up nor let anybody make them think less of themselves. Can we say Maahlox does not practice what he preaches but does what he does for BUZZ?

Watch the full video Via the link below;


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