“Just One Cameroun Musician Will Be Enough To Set An Example For The Rest” Tapang Ivo Message To Artists

Tapang Ivo
Tapang Ivo

The anglophone crisis seems to have picked up where it left off with a lot of tension flaring here and there between the government and the Amba boys. The murdering of those innocent kids in Kumba seems to have actually brought a divide between the people and the Amba Boys.

Tapang Ivo who has been a strong force behind the Amba movement seems to have sent a memo to Anglophone artist. It is not known if it is an invitation or an open threat to them.

As you can see from the list the number of artists that have been invited  to come and sing in the Amba camp


Now we don’t know what this text means is it a forward warning to the artists not to come around preaching peace or is it to say they will be given a red carpet treatment whenever they decide to come, maybe the days ahead will reveal his real thoughts.

You can watch the video in the link below




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