Honor Comes With Great Responsibility.


Uneasy is the head that wears the Crown. Yesterday November 28, 2020, five Cameroonian singers (Salatiel Sala, Mr Leo, Wax Dey, Magasco and Stanley Enow) received their chevalier from the Ministry of Arts & Culture. This is to honor their effort as promoters and preservers of the Cameroonian arts and culture. Though the artistes concerned received and appreciated the award, Salatiel Sala used the opportunity to lay down some of the problems faced by the artistes when author rights is concern. Magasco on his part did not only talk about authors rights, but talked about the ongoing crisis which needs to be resolved because it affects the arts & cultural sector. The award also came with so much criticism as we could hear fans and influencers from both the English and French speaking region saying it was given to them as a way to appease the anglophones. Others who did not find their favorite artiste rubbished the reward and called those who received the awards sellouts. Another group said; these urban artiste have been rubbing shoulders with the Ministry of Arts & Culture lately. So for them these artiste are recognized for fooling the people they have been going there on their behalf meanwhile they have been holding meetings to be appreciated with medals.

Do you think the artistes are too under pressure?


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