Here is the project that Eto’o and Débordo are preparing


For sometimes,  popular Ivorian superstar singer Debordo Leekunfa has been living in Paris, the French capital, as part of a musical tour.

The Coupé-Décalé singer will meet the legendary Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto’o for a working session. According to Abidjan Show Website, from reliable sources, the two men will team up to release a song in honor of Georgette Eto’o, the wife of Samuel. 

Georgette, an Ivorian national, and Samuel Eto’o married in 2016 when they were already in a relationship for several years.

The two lovebirds are always very in love. Debordo has a very good relationship with the couple. A way for him to pay tribute to them through this new song that is preparing


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