Here are Common Mistakes Uprising Artists Make


What are their reasons for going into music? Do the rising artists get into music for the love of art or just for the spotlight and attention? Nowadays it seems there are quite a few independent artists; some upcoming and even some known who work hard but seem to be struggling on the path to success.

Most times it’s because of the mistakes they make in production or marketing of themselves and their songs. And the truth is talent does not automatically equal success. Here are some common mistakes artists make which needs to be avoided.

Step 1: Getting Into Music Because Of Fame

What are their reasons for going into music? Are they doing it for the love of the art or just for the spotlight and attention? The truth is, if you are doing it for the love of the art, fame will come in due time.

Your motive will inspire your creative process. If you are doing it just for fame – eventually you won’t be able to keep up with the creative process and what is required from you. Set realistic expectations.

Step 2: Waiting For Big Record Label To Locate Them.

If you are waiting to be discovered by a big record label  then you are going to wait a long time! With the structure of the Cameroonian music industry, there are only a handful of record labels we can boast of and even some of those labels have internal issues.

Step 3: They Release Shoddy Audios

It is important you put out audio material of good quality. For starters, you never know who is listening and if you decide you are going to position yourself on the same level as any of the other established artists in the industry then you have to get it right. If you produce for yourself and can’t seem to get it right, then seek out the professionals – sound engineers and producers.

Step 5: What Do Their Online Audiences Say About Them.

Do you have audiences online? The first time anyone hears your music, the first place they’re most likely to search for you is on the Internet. Besides having social media accounts and pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, etc), it’s also important you have a website. And you consistently post and engage with fans on these platforms.

Step 6: Copying What’s Hot.

What works for Mr. Leo and Salatiel may not necessarily work for you. Their originality is what makes them stars. Be you, be creative and original.

Step 7: They Don’t Perform Live

One of the best ways to get publicize yourself and your brand is through Live Performance. It is important you know how to entertain a crowd and deliver your music in such a way people remember you or your song after just one performance.

Step 8: Little Or No Advertisement Of Their Tracks

Most artistes focus on creating and producing the music forgetting that this material will also need to be advertised. Even if you get your song on iTunes and Soundcloud, you still need to have a marketing plan to create awareness.

Step 9: Their Ignorance About YouTube.

Don’t ignore this –YouTube can serve as a way for you to grow your brand and also as a source of revenue. If you are new to the music industry – asides from uploading your audio clips, videos are also a great way for you to be discovered. Several international acts like Angelique Kidjo, Koffi Olomide were discovered on YouTube.


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