Get To Know Afro Dancehall Artist BN Qure

Bn Qure
Bn Qure
BN Qure
BN Qure

 Jaff Sevidzem who goes by BN Qure as his stage name is a dancehall artist born and raised in the North-West Region of Cameroon. He has always been a great fan of great music and so eventually he started making music way back in secondary school and he was opportune to produced his first song in his home studio which at the time was his room. Later on, he started his own record label TRADE GAIN MUSIC with his very close friend Dense Air.

Dense Air and Bn Qure
Dense Air and Bn Qure

After gathering a lot of inspiration from Jamaican acts like ALKALINE, POPCAAN, and TEEJAY UP TOP he gathered momentum and released his first EP titled “MESSIAH” in 2017. He put out some singles since then like “ATM“, “BETTER THING” and his most recent track “LIKE DAT” which you can all find on youtube. He has had to do collabos with Dense Air, Bwoy Dezz, Sedi B, etc.

Social Media Outlets:

Instagram: bnqure_official
Twitter: bnqure_official
Facebook: BN Qure
Whatsapp: 683796143
YouTube: BN Qure



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